patty cooper, shamanic healer
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patty cooper, shamanic healer patty cooper, shamanic healer
patty cooper, shamanic healer

Before I had a near death experience n May of 1998 I knew I was doing my best to live a full life as a human being and than I had a spiritual belief system that would serve me well if I was to die.
I knew I believed in re-incarnation, karma (the laws of actions and consequence) and had done work with past life regression. What I did not discover until my near death experience of 1998 and during my soul flight while on the respirator was that I was so frightened. My fear of dying was stronger than any sense of peace, love, and freedom, for some time.


During my soul flight I learned so very much about my own karma. I learned why I had incarnated into this lifetime. In a particular part of my spirit flight I got to do a life review. I got to look back over my life’s meaning and purpose.

The fear I experienced came from knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I had strayed from my life purpose and had a great deal of unfinished business with my partner and my family. Because of this, when I was given a choice by Spirit to return and do my own karmic work or continue on, I made the choice to return. Making this choice helped dissipate the fear I was experiencing in that part of my soul flight.

I learned that we die as we live. If we have unresolved issues in our own lives with either partnerships or family, it all adds to our karmic indebtedness when we die. This, I did not want to do.

In my life review I experienced every feeling and emotion in my life and the effects of my behaviors on others. Because of my experience I knew there would be huge consequences for me to work out on the other side. I did not want to incarnate into another life adding to my karmic indebtedness. I re-experienced pain I had inflicted on others in my life, in my own life review.

I survived respiratory failure and the ICU in 1998. I have recovered and healed on many levels, mostly from the inside out. I am working with my own karmic indebtedness and also working with others.

Karma can be consciously changed throughout our lives if we want it to. Everything we say, think and do makes a difference.

Part of healing into “alignment with alignment is working with earth based medicine and the planetary influences."

Tibetan shamanic practices in working with karma and the planets are very specific, complex and helpful.

Only relatively recently are the techniques of the Tibetan Tamang shamans being made known to Westerners. The intent is to share ancient healing techniques as part of the healing of all beings and the planet earth.


When humans lose a vital part of themselves through “soul –loss” it can lead to addictions to “fill the void”. Although phycotherapeutic treatment can access working with the psychological and emotional levels, it frequently leaves the “spiritual origins of distress unaddressed."

Soul retrieval can restore the vital energy or will to live, as well as ones presence of mind and a return to passion and creativity in life and living. Frequently a return of honesty, awareness, ad self-responsibility is experienced after soul-retrieval work. This work will definitely mean CHANGE.

Soul Retrieval integration may take a few weeks or even a few months, but the strongest confirmation of change is not only when we ourselves notice, but when other people begin to notice as well.

Soul retrieval is carried out by one who is highly experienced and with a great deal of skill. It frequently integrates many karmic healing techniques and in Tibetan Tamang shamanism and other indigenous practices, must be impeccable to details.

Anything can be accomplished with good ritual. Without faith, there can be no healing.


patty cooper, shamanic healer